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"Oops! Not Authorized!" Message
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HDOnTap streaming service includes anti-stream hijacking to secure your live stream and keep it from being displayed on other websites without your permission. If someone does attempt to place your stream on their website without being authorized, a notification will appear that the stream cannot be played. This notification can link back to the URL of your choice. If you've added your stream to another website and are seeing this message, the website needs to be added as a Trusted Host in the embed settings.


  • The player displays the "Oops! This website is not authorized!" message:
    HDOnTap Stream Security

Get Resolution


  • You must have your Portal login.
    Contact your Customer Administrator or HDOnTap Support if you need assistance with your Portal credentials.


  1. Log into the HDOnTap Portal and navigate to Streaming > Embed Configs:
    HDOnTap Portal Streaming Service
    HDOnTap Streaming Embed Configs

  2. Click the edit icon for the Embed ID you would like to edit:
    HDOnTap Embed Config

  3. Click the Stream Security section. Enter the website(s) you would like to authorize the stream to play on in the Trusted Hosts section.
    Note: Enter the website(s) without the "http://", but both with and without the "www.". See example below, "," or any additional subdomains such as
    HDOnTap Stream Security
    HDOnTap Trusted Hosts

  4. Review the URL When Stream Blocked. This is the website that the viewer will be redirected to if they click the "Oops" message.
    Note: We recommend using the URL on your website where the stream is viewed.
    HDOnTap Stream Security

  5. Review the Blocked Image. This is what displays if the stream is embedded on an unauthorized website.
    Note: We have created the "Oops! Not Authorized" message for your convenience, however, you may upload a custom image if you prefer.
    HDOnTap Stream Security Blocked Image

  6. Click Save Changes.

  7. Return to the website that was displaying the "Oops!" message and refresh the page. The stream should now play!
    Note: Refresh the page by pressing Ctrl+R (PC) or +R (Mac)

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