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About the Streaming Service
Last Updated 8 months ago


Use the Streaming Service to view all your streams and their statuses, as well as your Snapshot Configs and Embed Configs.


  • Stream
    The incoming stream from your webcam. This is set up by HDOnTap staff.

  • Snapshot Config
    The Snapshot Config tool allows you to embed a dynamically updating thumbnail image of your live stream on your website. You are able to set the frequency by which this image updates (typically every 60 seconds) and any optional overlay or watermark images. With one simple image URL, your website or social media posts will always present the most accurate representative image of your stream.

  • Embed Config
    The Embed Config tool generates a single line of code that is used to embed your live stream on any website. Within the tool you can designate branding via social share and overlay images, as well as stream security settings. The best part of the Embed Config tool is it's update simplicity. If you decide to make any changes to the Embed Config after placing the code on your website, it will dynamically update on your site without needing to readjust the code.

Get Started

Check out the Getting Started section of our Knowledge Base, which will guide you through customizing your player, adding your live stream to your website, and more.

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