HDOnTap Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. "Oops! Not Authorized!" Message  
  2. A stream is down!  
  3. About the Streaming Service  
  4. Adding your live stream to your website  
  5. Advantages of a Live Cam on your website?  
  6. Android Issues  
  7. Are HDOnTap's streaming services delivering live video?  
  8. Are HDOnTap's webcam streaming services secure?  
  9. Audio Issues  
  10. Can I install the webcam myself?  
  11. Connecting, Disconnecting and Resetting a Stream  
  12. Customizing Your Stream Embed  
  13. Delete - Sponsored Player Embed Sizing Tool  
  14. Do you support H.264 cameras?  
  15. Do you support older MJPEG type cameras?  
  16. Does HDOnTap have the ability to record my webcam video?  
  17. Does HDOnTap offer installation services?  
  18. Does HDOnTap provide streaming analytics?  
  19. Does the HDOnTap network support recording?  
  20. Does your network support H.264 Video Hardware Encoders?  
  21. Does your network support Live Streaming Software?  
  22. Facebook Live Streaming  
  23. Fullscreen view is not working  
  24. Getting Started Guide  
  25. How does HDOnTap work?  
  26. How long does it usually take to get up and running?  
  27. How long has HDOnTap been in business?  
  28. How many simultaneous viewers are able to watch my webcam?  
  29. How to create live stream snapshots  
  30. How to take an image snapshot  
  31. Image overlay in stream embeds  
  32. iPad or iPhone Issues  
  33. Is it a problem to move the webcam once it is installed?  
  34. Is special software or plug-ins required?  
  35. Letterboxing or Pillarboxing  
  36. Location and Sub-Location Groups  
  37. Logging in, Username & Password  
  38. Overlay image not visible in full-screen  
  39. Port Forwarding Tutorial  
  40. Sharing Studio Controls  
  41. Should I be concerned with bad weather?  
  42. Stream Buffering  
  43. Stream embed security  
  44. Twitch Live Streaming  
  45. Understadning Webcam Specs  
  46. Updating a Stream's RTSP URL  
  47. Uploading images  
  48. User types & managing users  
  49. Webcam FAQs  
  50. What are the advantages of live video camera on my website?  
  51. What are the advantages of your service at HDOnTap?  
  52. What cameras are compatible with HDOnTap?  
  53. What devices can I stream to?  
  54. What is a megapixel?  
  55. What is HD?  
  56. What is HDOnTap?  
  57. What is high resolution megapixel webcam?  
  58. What is included with HDOnTap's webcam hardware solutions?  
  59. What is needed to get started using HDOnTap's service?  
  60. What is required to get started using HDOnTap webcam services?  
  61. What is required to host a live webcam at my location?  
  62. What is the difference between a static IP address and a dynamic IP address?  
  63. What is transcoding and adaptive streaming?  
  64. What kind of internet connection is required?  
  65. What speed internet connection is required to stream live video?  
  66. Where is HDOnTap located?  
  67. Who monitors my webcam and live stream(s)?  
  68. Why do I need to use HDOnTap's webcam services?  
  69. Why HDOnTap?  
  70. YouTube Live Streaming  

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